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High Sierra Gymnastic Class Descriptions

High Sierra Gymnastics offers the young child a variety of sensory and motor skills appropriate for their age. The classes promote positive motor and development growth in a fun filled stimulating environment. Parent/Child interaction is emphasized without interruption from phone, neighbors, siblings, etc. Our parent and me program introduces and reinforces skills necessary for later scholastic years. Music and movement exploration as well as gymnastic equipment is used to encourage the motor development of your child. Have fun with other parents and their children!!

Includes weekly preschool open gym at no extra charge.

Besides being one of the most exciting and fulfilling of all sports, gymnastics helps develop the whole person. Along with building a solid foundation, it improves coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, and balance. Gymnastics also promotes discipline, self-esteem, and self-confidence in a fun and creative environment designed for the preschool child.


Development of gymnastics skills and movement exploration are emphasized in this class. Boys and girls learn to express themselves in a creative manner while learning body awareness and coordination. Strength and flexibility combine with better self-esteem and socialization skills to provide lots of fun in our fully-equipped facility! 
Includes weekly preschool open gym at no extra charge.
These classes introduce Boys and Girls to gymnastics in a fun, non-competitive environment. Olympic events serve as our tool towards achieving our primary goal of teaching gymnastics and fitness in a fun, safe environment while raising your child's self-esteem. 
Children learn basic gymnastic skills while improving self-discipline and physical fitness. Strength and flexibility developed through gymnastics improves children's abilities in all other sports.
Advanced Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Classes
These higher skill level classes are available by coaches invitation only. These classes focus on gymnastics training at an higher more difficult level. They are faster paced but very fun. In addition to building body strength, agility, and coordination, gymnastics also promotes essential lifelong qualities, such as self-confidence, discipline, and perseverance. It is an unsurpassed activity for physical education and recreation because it helps develop the whole person.
Classes are longer to focus on skills and strength and flexibility. Classes are between 90 to 120 minutes. 
Competitive Team Program

Our competitive program supports all levels from entry level through elite. We have placed gymnasts on the Jr. Olympic National Team and have secured college scholarships for our graduated gymnasts. 

High Sierra Gymnastics is committed to its competitive team and continues to pursue its goal of quality and excellence in high level gymnastics. Please call us for information on this program.

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